Pay Per Click Services

Awesome! all the members of our ppc team are Google ad-word certified.

What is Pay Per Click?

PPC stands for Pay Per Click, it refers to the process of attempting ads into the search results by paying money for the ads. These ads are paid ads placed in major search engines like Google, Bing, etc. Pay Per Click service offers you to place your ads before the search results for a keyword search in Search Engine, and you pay a fees for every visitor clicking on your ad, prices per the click are based on a set price.

PPC basically refers to a solution by online marketing experts which manages your PPC campaigns, they create effective advertisements that are able to draw attention, and determine which keyword to be focused for biding in these services.

Do I need PPC?

Some of the services in market will not benefit from PPC campaign management because they actually require a steady budget in order to be able to start. For every keyword a different per-click price would be applicable, as per the competition for the keyword. More competitive keywords will have a higher price for single click than the less competitive keywords.

If you are capable of dedicating a steady budget for your marketing implementations, then PPC campaign might be beneficial and correct decision for your company. The prices of the keywords clicks would increase or even may fall as per the competition and te importance of the keyword. This indicates that your cost for  keyword may rise or fall.

It is worth going for a PPC management if you are able to dedicate your budget towards relevant traffic for your website. Pay per click management is a good solution to obtaining traffic for keywords that are highly competitive in search engine optimization services.

What can SALVONIC do for me?

Our goal is to provide you quality pay per click management services, create effective PPC campaign for your company to help you grow. Our growth is with our customer’s growth. We can assist you with entire setup, execution and management for PPC campaign as we are a full service pay per click management provider.

Imagine being able to offer your services to a wider audience through search engines. New traffic means greater possibilities of a sale. Having more visitors and more customers can lead to greater revenues and the opportunity for growth and expansion.

Awesome! all the members of our ppc team are Google ad-word certified.

PPC Service Includes

Account Setup

Our team of PPC professionals starts with a competitive analysis for understanding the competitors activities they are focusing in pay per click management, which competitors are most investing, and the keywords on which they are most focusing for more and more sales. This analysis helps in predicting where to start, how much it will cost for spotting your company in search.

A team of skilled and creative ad development professionals gives us the opportunity to present effective ads that specifically target your potential customers with a hope of converting the visitors into customers of your products/services. We can tailor the visitors or your customers by focusing our ads on them.

Analytis tool by Google is integrated into your website as well as your landing page in order to track the improvement as well as the progress of PPC campaign, as how much traffic is coming in from PPC efforts, and how many people are staying and which are leaving. This tool by Google is a strong platform for website tracking analysis for pay per click campaigns.

Landing Page is the Page which is directed through the ads, visitor lands on this Page by clicking on the ad. Landing pages are optimized as such that your visitors will reach first providing them the most important information first for relevancy and trust of visitor. Different keywords can be targeted for a different landing page particularly as per the keyword information.

Keyword research is a process of selecting the best fit keywords for the particular ad campaign. Keyword research helps to understand the keyword relation to the ad, which keyword to focus. For a less budget campaign they keyword research helps in finding less competitive keywords resulting less cost.

Maintenance and Support

Bid management services provide our customers with the opportunity to allow us to handle their bidding and management of their pay per click services through set rules and guidelines on which keywords to buy and how much to spend. We focus on optimizing your PPC budget to increase your conversion rates and revenues. A/B multivariate testing provides us with the opportunity to test different versions of a single landing page to determine which styles and designs are the most effective for your customers.

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